Join me in helping you see better while creating a better future for others

  • Is there more to business than a bottom line? We think so…

  • Our patients care about people in need and we want to help them do something

  • We’ve carefully chosen the Amoud Foundation to support together with our patients

  • A percentage of every procedure price supports world poverty warriors both locally and globally

  • Will you join us in providing a better future to those in need?

Join me in helping you see better while creating a better future for others

Let’s unite to create positive change


Let’s unite to create positive change

I run a business.

There I’ve said it.

I’m not going to try and pretend that I don’t run a successful eye clinic and my aim is to generate income. But I don’t just want to run a business. Or just run an eye clinic.

The point I’m making is that business does not have to be wholly self-interested. I considered the alternative: a company that splits its attention between self-interest and interest in the improvement of society.

There is an urgent need

Something that needs urgent improvement help and attention, in my opinion, are poverty-struck communities that suffer from starvation, drought, limited healthcare and emergency aid. 
These people fight every single day to survive. But without the right support their time is running out. We have to do something now.

Global poverty concerns us all. We are all humans and we all rely on each other to survive. Without the support from other people, may it be emotional, physical or financial, we would not be able to chase our dreams.

We have an urgent crisis on our hands, and I had to figure out a way I could make a living and support meaningful efforts to affect significant solutions to address this global challenge and to work towards the dreams of many people less fortunate than us. A life without poverty.

I believe that it’s important for all companies to commit to facing up to this crisis

By making a public declaration of our company intentions, we encourage others to follow suit.

Imagine the change that we can make together by doing this!

The positive domino effect of cumulative attention, volunteering, monetary donation, and yes, love, directed can make such a massive positive change for good.

We need to mobilize now.

That’s why I’ve chosen to provide a socially-conscious, alternative approach to providing laser eye surgery while ensuring we meet the highest standards in pre-operative screening, results, and aftercare. I will commit a small but meaningful percent of our profits (10%) to the Amoud Foundation that we choose to donate to each year.

I hope that this means that we donate at least $200,000 towards this trustworthy organization we feel is doing the most to move the needle on world poverty.